Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Winners of the 2007 Samurai Fiction Contest

I'll be moving the stories onto the samurai archives page, but for now I have them on a seperate server. This year was tough for the judges, as the overall quality for all stories was pretty high. Two writers paid double the fee and submitted two stories, which was fine under the contest rules. The following list is formatted with the story title, the author, the Author's "Samurai Archives Citadel" ID, the genre, and the link. Here are the winners and participants of the third annual Samurai Fiction contest:

Winner - First Place and Best Ending:
Intruder: (N. Ledbetter - LTDomer)
Historical Fiction

Winner - Second Place and Most Original:
magni nominus umbra: (J. Workman - last year's winner)
Horror/Ghost Story

Winner - Third Place and Best Writing:
The Matsudaira Plot: (Nina Boal - Wave Tossed - First Year's winner)
Pulp Fiction

Honorable Mention - Best Dialog:
The Snow Light Warrior: (Jason Kemp - Yukiakari)
Horror/Ghost Story

Other Entries:

Like Any Other Day? (J. Workman - Last Year's winner):
Science Fiction

Shadows Dance at Dawn: (E. Richard IV - Shishiogundam)
Historical Fiction

It's a Girl (Phil Gomez - Phillipmichael1):
Historical Fiction
(I need to re-add the section-break images)

Running: (N. Ledbetter - LTDomer)
Historical Fiction

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