Friday, May 11, 2007

The S-A journal of Japanese History

I am currently developing a Japanese history journal tentatively scheduled for 2008. The rationale behind this is relatively straightforward. Academic journals tend to only publish academics, and so I'd like to circumvent that - and they tend to shy away from military history, and biography. The S-A Journal will be open to all submissions, from amateur historians to academics to published historians. The submissions will be evaluated separately from the credentials of the writer, allowing anyone with the theories, ideas, and ability to make for a well written, academically sound, and interesting research to be published. The intention is to hold the articles to a very high standard - similar standards that an academic journal would hold, and within the next few weeks I'll be unveiling the Journal website that will have information on submission requirements and standards. Additionally, I will have a staff of editors and evaluators to assist in the evaluation of submitted articles.

As for "how does this stand apart from the other academic journals"? - my aim is to focus more on the military history, and the personalities of Japanese history, rather than social issues, "intellectual history", and how (for example) Daimyo administered thier lands, and all of the other stuff that is the vogue of the academic journals - and as previously mentioned, to allow anyone with valid theories and solid scholarship to be published.

The intention is to publish the stuff that people want to read, not the stuff that you are forced to write if you want to get into an academic journal. So stay tuned for more information.

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