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The Paradox/Samurai Archives “Sengoku” Onin War Trivia Contest

Thanks to our friends at Paradox Interactive, the Samurai Archives will be giving away five copies of their upcoming release “Sengoku” as well as five copies of “Europa Universalis III: Chronicles” (which includes the “Divine Wind” expansion for Japan).

“Sengoku”, of course, is the innovative game set in the warring states period of Japanese history (the Sengoku Jidai-roughly 1467-1603) that emphasizes character interaction, diplomacy, and political skill every bit as much as combat. This exciting new simulation promises to deliver a gaming experience never before seen in Japanese history strategy games. We’ve covered it here and here on the Shogun-ki, but here’s Paradox’s capsule summary:

“Wash blood with blood” – ancient Japanese proverb
Rise to power in Feudal Japan with your Samurai family in the epic Grand Strategy Sengoku
In this deep character driven strategy game, you play as the head of an illustrious Samurai family.


The year is 1467 and civil war has broken out. The authority of the Ashikaga Shoguns has collapsed and it is every man for himself in the provinces. Honor and duty vie with survival in the delicate dance of power, conquest and betrayal as you attempt to unite the land of the Rising Sun through a combination of deal-making with foreign powers, sending your powerful samurai armies into battle against your enemies, and unleashing shadowy Ninja clans under the cover of darkness to assassinate your rivals!


Control a noble family in Feudal Japan

Rise in influence and power within your clan and go on to claim the ultimate prize

Conquer and grow while rewarding your most valued retainers in your bid to become Shogun

Detailed historical map of Japan during the warring states period

Make deals with external powers, including the Portuguese and the Dutch

Employ the aid of powerful Ninja clans when your Samurai armies are not enough

“Europa Universalis III: Chronicles” is the classic game that allows you to assume control of virtually any nation at any point in time from 1399-1820. “Chronicles” includes the “Divine Wind” expansion that expands the role of Japan and China within the game. We’ve also covered it here, but Paradox’s capsule for “Divine Wind” follows:

At the demand of the devout fanbase, this is the 4th expansion of the classic historical strategy game Europa Universalis III. Enhancing every aspect of the game to create an even deeper and more rewarding experience.


New graphical style, with detailed and beautiful map, including lots of new provinces.

Play as any of the four major daimyo’s in Japan and vie for influence over the Emperor and control over the Shogunate.

Enhanced diplomacy, with more options for alliances and peace negotiation

Dozens of new culture-specific types of buildings, where you have greater control over the development of your provinces.

More realistic development of trade, with control over strategic resources giving bonuses.

Manage the internal factions in China to keep the Mandate of Heaven.

Over 50 Achievements for players to unlock.

So-what do you need to do to win? Well, since the SA is above all a history site, we thought an easy quiz dealing with the Onin War (the war that kicked off the Sengoku Jidai) would be an appropriate way to award the prizes. All you need to do is send in your answers to the following five simple questions, the answers to which can all be easily found online:

The Onin War Trivia Quiz

1) Which of the following two families were the primary combatants in the Onin War?

A) The Taira and Minamoto

B) The Hosokawa and Yamana

C) The Tokugawa and Toyotomi

D) The Northern Imperial Court and Southern Imperial Court

2) Which family was traditionally given the post of Kanto Kanrei (Shogunal Deputy in Eastern Japan)?

A) The Uesugi

B) The Go-Hojo (later Hojo, as opposed to the Kamakura Hojo)

C) The Ouchi

D) The Chiba

3) Which location served as the main battleground of the Onin War?

A) Edo

B) Osaka Castle

C) Minatogawa

D) Miyako (Kyoto)

4) What does the "Onin" in "Onin War" mean?

A) it was the name of the Japanese era (nengo) that the war started in

B) it was the name of the temple that was burnt down in an incident that instigated the war

C) it was the name of the retired Emperor

D) it was a Shogunal title

5) Which of the following buildings was constructed by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimasa after the war, further depleting the Shogunate's treasury and showing how out of touch the Shogun had become?

A) Kinkakuji (The Golden Pavilion)

B) Ginkakuji (The Silver Pavilion)

C) Higashi Honganji (Eastern Temple of the Original Vow)

D) Nishi Honganji (Western Temple of the Original Vow)

Paradox/Samurai Archives "Sengoku" Onin War Trivia Contest Official Rules

1) To enter, send an email with your answers to the quiz along with your
first name and country of origin to randyschadelATsamurai-archives.com
(replacing the AT with @ )

2) The contest is open to everyone-you don't need to be an SA member to
win. But if you like the game, you'll love the SA, so register anyway ;)

3) Only one entry per email address/IP Address. Multiple submissions from
either will result in all being disqualified. The idea here is obviously
one entry per person, but over the net it'd be almost impossible to
enforce. But since we're all honorable samurai who follow the tenets of
Bushido, that shouldn't be a problem, right?

4) Prizes will be drawn from the pool of correct entries. The first five
names drawn will receive a digital copy of Paradox's new "Sengoku" PC
Game, and the next five names will receive a digital copy of Paradox's
"Europa Universalis III Chronicles" PC Game. Odds of winning depend on the
number of correct entries submitted. In the (highly) unlikely event ten
correct entries are not received, remaining prizes will be awarded in a
random drawing from the remaining entries.

5) The contest will be open until 12:01 AM on Saturday, September 17th (as
determined by United States Eastern Standard Time). All entries received
after then will be void. Winners will be announced sometime on Saturday,
September 17th on the Paradox Interactive Forum, The SA's Japanese
Entertainment Forum, and right here.

6) Winners will be notified by email and given their code along with
instructions on how to redeem it.

7) To redeem your prize, you'll need:

A) A computer capable of running the games along with an internet
connection. Here are the specs for running Sengoku:

System requirements

Operating system: XP/Vista/Windows7

Processor: Intel® Pentium® IV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+

Memory: 2 Gb RAM

Hard disk space: 2 GB Available HDD Space

Video: NVIDIA® GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon® X1900

Resolution at least: 1024*768

Sound: Direct X-compatible sound card

DirectX®: DirectX 9

Controller support: 3-button mouse, keyboard and speakers

Special multiplayer requirements: Internet Connection for multiplayer

B) You'll also need a Gamersgate Account. If you don't have an account,
just go to gamersgate.com and register-it's free and the site is great.

C) Substitute codes will not be issued under any circumstances. There will will no substitution of prizes.

8) All decisions of the kami-like judges (that being Tatsunoshi of the SA
and his lovely wife Ayame, who will be drawing the names) are final.

Again, thanks to our friends at Paradox Interactive for providing the
prizes! Special thanks to Boel Bermann, Daniela Sjunnesson, and Susana Meza Graham of the Paradox PR Department.

You can learn more about Sengoku at:

Sengoku Game Website
Sengoku Game Facebook
Sengoku Game Twitter
Paradox Forums

And preorder it at Gamersgate.com .

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