Thursday, June 07, 2007

S-A Journal of Japanese History - now accepting submissions

The website for the Samurai Archives Journal of Japanese History is now online and we are currently accepting submissions. Please see the website for details.

Here is the decription from the home page:

The Samurai Archives Journal of Japanese History is a new and independently published journal devoted to the critical examination of the events and personalities of pre-20th century Japan.

The goals of the journal are to:

  • Encourage new and established scholars to share their research, as well as to give independent scholars a forum for their work
  • Introduce readers to the wealth of material available in Japanese and English
  • Encourage interest and informed discussion on the topic of Japanese history

    The journal is tentatively scheduled for publication in early 2008, and is currently accepting submissions.

    Although the general focus of the journal is on military history and biography, articles dealing with all periods and subjects of Japanese history are welcomed; we demand only solid scholarship, clear writing and original ideas. Writers may approach their subjects from whichever field or discipline they wish.

    For several years the Samurai Archives has been the most comprehensive and widely recognized source of Japanese history in English on the internet. This print journal will draw on the resources of the website and the talents of its members as well as the scholarship of other contributors to present an authoritative and entertaining quarterly on this fascinating subject.

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