Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dragon Tattoo - Part 3

Session 5 is now finished, and all of the scales are now complete. All that remains is coloring for the fire, teeth, tongue, claws, horns, and spikes.

Here is the portion of the dragon on my arm, after session 4:

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And here is the same area after session 5:

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The scales are for the most part three shades of blue - purple blue, light blue, and a blue-white combination. Darker colors were used in the shaded areas for depth, and the previous black and white shading adds to the effect.

This is a picture of the coloring that was done this session:

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This session was 2.5 hours, no breaks. The next session should finish it off.

1 comment:

  1. baby, there's nothing better than watching the progression of a large piece, esp. a dragon tattoo.

    just the scales being implemented alone is anticipation exhilaration.

    nothing better yet than having enough skin for another large dragon piece to accompany the one you got.